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Fuck The System

This song is by Zearle.

Powers of the youth, strangled silent by this noose
Violent nightless, with love we silence
Am I insane?
Hope drained from my veins, to drip on the floor

Stain, restrained
The poor wane in pain
The left's been framed
Hypnotized by staring in this flame

Fuck taking, I'm giving
Fuck sleepwalking, the truth I'm bringing
I'm awake and living, forever bumping to the earth's rhythm
Whispering the wind, absolve yourself of your sin
Hugs the trees, words that dance you to the neck, the light, the bees
Stop look listen freeze

The world's a joke, they elect who they please
Spit for the ones with bloody knees
Bombs not vaccines, for the needy with disease
For the needy with disease

(3 x Refrain)
Fuck the system, they share no wisdom
The rich don't listen
In the night my knife glistens

Military complex and black ops,
These corrupt leaders won't stop
The senate's evil, and we're down to the ninth
Scores a million to zero

Sanctions, embargoes, they cut like bombs
Wrongs for oil till it's gone and the rest they just file along
News is crap, they just sing the same song

Fuel the fire and plot and step on reject the rest,
And pound your chest
We bark like wolves
Kicking off your laws and rules
All time is doomed together
We can fix all that you once destroyed
Making all the promises we avoid

I'll throw the first stone
Just don't let me die alone
I don't want the throne
Nor rich jewels, nor the jesters, nor the fools
Fuck the crown, I just want you to be down
Stop fucking around, to build to the sky you gotta start on the ground

(3 x Refrains)
Fuck the system, they share no wisdom
The rich don't listen
In the night my knife glistens
Harsh voices, make your choice.

This is a society
And the government doesn't hesitate
To inflict the most brutal form of punishment
And oppression upon dark skinned people all over the world

This side we're tossed
Our hopes and dreams have been lost
We're steady losing steam, dogs
Wasting time praying to these gods
Can we depend on our revolutionary friends?
Can we transcend all this greed in the end?
Raise your hackles, here come the jackles
Like a wiccan croon we cackle
We've infiltrated your tabernacle
We've got the hint
There's only one way to win
Build urbanization
Young bodies and young minds
Share wine and plan to change time
Cause death while you still got breath
'Cause we come at night with drumsounds the like the mow mow
Ding ding throw in the towel you've been cheating, so I'm calling foul

(3 x Refrain)
Fuck the system
We share no wisdom
The rich won't listen
In the night my knife glistens
Harsh voices, make your choice

Harsh voices, make your choice!

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