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Poke Chop Sandwich

This song is by ZZ Top and appears on the album XXX (1999).


Better watch that

Poke chop sandwich, waitin' in th' sack
Ridin' a tom tom, a double fat back
Got my poke chop sandwich, layin' on the drum
Poke chop's greasy, I'm gonna get some
Get some o' that poke chop
Poke chop sandwich
Poke chop
Poke chop sandwich

Yeah, yeah, twenty five
Louisiana black beat and th' Texas bop
I do a Hollywood shufflin' jus' can't top it
New York turn around and the London stomp
African good luck combination I know that ya want

Poke chop
Poke chop sandwich
Poke chop
Double poke chop sandwich
Play on

Spider and Lightnin' Hopkins got the big bad beat
Ain't no question what they gonna eat
Spider wanna a bottle and the Lightnin' wanna a can
They'll take in a bucket 'cause they damn well can

A poke chop
A poke at dat chop
Cut dat poke chope
Poke chop sandwich
Feel like, I feel like a poke chop sandwich
Give me dat sandwich in wax paper
Pork chop sandwich


  • (About Lightnin' Hopkins' drummer who used to keep a porkchop sandwich on his floor tom, for snacking during the breaks. Recorded with Hopkins' drummer, Spider, present in the studio.)


Written by:

Frank Beard, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill

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