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2000 Blues

This song is by ZZ Top and appears on the album Recycler (1990).

A hundred thousand dollars
Wouldn't touch the price I paid
Of the hundred thousand moments
Of the times I wish I'd stayed

But even if I had all the time and money
It's still the same old news
Nothin' does you any good
When you got two thousand blues

Ten thousand clouds
On a rainy rainy day
Couldn't wash away
All the dust and the haze

But I tried and I tried
To search for all the clues
Why I can't wash away
These two thousand blues

If I had an airplane
With the co-pilot too
I'd fly to a planet
That was closest to you

I'd set the tracking system
With your safety fuse
And set the countdown
For two thousand blues

Two thousand blues
Two thousand blues
Two thousand blues


Written by:

Rube Beard, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill

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