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Grey Goose

This song is by Young Jeezy.

Oh (16x's)

(All Star)
Yeah this All Star Cashville's Prince
From Cashville to M-Town to ATL
When ya in the club and it's a hater in your face
Go to the bar, order your grey goose, this what ya tell em'

(Chorus 4x's)
I'm on that grey goose, do I know you? NO!
Do I know you? NO!
Do I know you? NO!

(Verse 1: Young Jeezy)
I'm on that grey goose, cranberry, and that pineapple (pineapple)
And I'll bust ya shit like a pineapple (pineapple)
Young rich nigga (chea), buy the whole bar (aye)
I'm wit Cashville and I'm wit All Star (yeah)
Red, white, and blue jersey wit the big star (stars)
M.V.P. biotch (biotch) I'm an All Star (chea)
26 inches sittin' on the chevy frame (frame)
Top down (top down) I do the damn thang (yeah)
Flo-Masters got it soundin heavy from the rear (rear)
4-55 dude I'm outta here (chea)
Got my Gucci shades lookin' like a rap star (star)
A buck fifty on the way call me Nascar (that's right)
Cocaine white wit the antique tags
I ain't trippin' like red like gang flags (what up game)
It's Young Jeezy who the fuck wanna deal wit me (wit me)
Cashville, Tenn-A-Key, I brought a mill wit me

(Verse 2: Yo Gotti)
Don't get this shit confused (fused) we was neva cool (cool)
You throwin' up the North (north) but I don't know you (nope)
I'm fuckin' plenty bitches (bitches) sippin plenty crisses (crisses)
You frowin up like a nigga don't supposed too
I'm mobbin wit my tools (tools) don't make me act a fool (fool)
But I'm a have to if ya homies can't control you (yup)
You steppin on my shoes (shoes) breakin all the rules (rules)
Can ya fight? Why them niggaz gotta hold you?
You talk a good game (game) but I don't wanna play (play)
I ain't gone let ya pause (pause) you ain't gone get away (nope)
I'll leave ya layin flat (flat) I'll leave ya people cryin (cryin)
You blamed it on yo high (why) cause you got flat-lined (yup)
I'm Yo Gotti cause ('cause) fuck who you thought I was (was)
I really shot them choppers (choppers) I really sold them drugs (drugs)
I really mess wit Star (star) we really bought the bar (bar)
We really on that goose and we don't really fuck wit y'all

(Verse 3: All Star)
Aye yo I'm Cashville's Prince but you can call me Mr. Star
And ya gotta forgive me if I don't know who you niggaz are
I'm not just stuntin the vodka done it
This how a alcoholic act when he got lots of money (holla)
I started drinkin' at the age of 12, in the club hollerin I'm rich like I'm Dave Chappelle
Aye yo I got them straps and I'll aim it at a nigga
We'll knock a motherfucker out and then blame it on the liquor
All Star I'm in my 2-3 zone, I got a pistol in the car that's about 2 feet long
Pockets fat as fuck yeah that's what's up
Yo niggaz don't work for Exxon so why you let em' gas you up?
I'm a ball out until my casket's shut
Say bruh do me a favor, stop harassin us and
Go that a way! I told you niggaz
Man I'm on that grey goose and I don't know you nigga

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