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The Prophet

This song is by Yes and appears on the album Time and a Word (1970).

Long ago a tall man told a tale of yesterday
Searching for the truth to life and that was just a way
Finding pleasure from the sounds, his ears they did obey
In his life a moment's pleasure, never to delay

He was lost and in his trust he found a new meaning
Seeing things in different lights his life was redeemed

Words of peace will fill his mind and change his way of life
Peaceful meetings with his heart have made him more alive
Meeting wise old women on the cliffs of life itself
Asking not for first a meaning, more for just himself

Soon we'll be as he proclaimed in a new way of living
Take the things you need in life but remember the giving

Prophesy within your mind and you will work it out
Prophesy that some will die but only those who doubt
Then you'll never worry as sometimes you used to do
Just remember when you're gone there's someone after you, you

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