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K. Minogue Be Dead

This song is by YUP and appears on the album The Hippos From Hell (1990).

Your face in the t-shirts
And in posters
And in stickers, in the covers of magazines
Everywhere I go
And I don't seem to
Get rid of you
And now they say you're putting out a new album
Oh fuck no!

If I turn a telly or radio on,
You're in there
Oh God
Why don't you please shut up?
When you 'do the locomotion'
It makes me puke
And it never
Never ever never seems to stop

And your worst nightmares become true

Be dead!
Be dead!
Kylie Minogue
Be dead!
Kylie Minogue
My hate is real
My hate is so pure
How much more torment do I have to endure?

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