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Social Engineering

This song is by YTCracker and appears on the album Nerd Life (2006).

This is a song if you need a crash course
In manipulating people using the force
Yeah fear; I'm a social engineer
Getting what I want by talking off your ear
I take advantage of your weakness
By overrunning all your brain cells with eliteness
(I'm a leet boy)
So when you see me dialing up your phone
Don't even pick it up, just leave it alone
First thing you realize (is) I've got the power
The rep on the phone makes $10 an hour
Don't succeed, dial someone else
Someone at the company is bound to help
Compile all the needed information about your target
Who they are, where they live, ages to start with
Are you trying to get a password set?
Sit down, and let me school you up a bit

Social engineering (16x)

So I call and say 'my name is Blake'
I need this I need that now who do I take?
They tell me, 'I'm sorry, sir'
I guess I didn't say the magic words
So I tell 'em 'let me talk to your supe!
Get him on the phone, get his name, get his group'
Hang up, and then I press redial
Spoof the caller ID camo style
They answer, I say 'my name is Blake,
I work for this supe, in this group, what you take?
My computers a little bit on the fritz
And this person is yelling and screaming and shit
I'm new here, transferred to your department
I don't wanna look stupid. Please I'm starvin'!
It's okay, calm down, I'll take care of this
Just hang for a minute while I alter shit

Social engineering (16x)

Sometimes it's a little bit of harder then that
And you've gotta realize 'Why even bother with that?'
Sometimes juice isn't worth a squeeze
Sometimes you'll save a couple G's
Switch airline tickets by faking illness
Switch a credit card by saying 'bill this'
Snipe hotels with a reservation
With a common name so you can replace it
Takes a little bit of practice
But once you're the man then you can yt-crack this
Get what you want when you want it
Life with a spam spam and ya bomb it
Get discounts on all your services
Get brakes on all your base
Get hacks on all the jakes
Social engineer, that's all it takes

Social engineering (repeat)

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