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My Krazy Life (2014)

YG - My Krazy Life

My Krazy Life

  1. Momma Speech Intro
  2. BPT
  3. I Just Wanna Party (featuring ScHoolboy Q and Jay Rock)
  4. Left, Right (featuring DJ Mustard)
  5. Bicken Back Being Bool
  6. Meet the Flockers (featuring Tee Cee)
  7. My Nigga (featuring Young Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan)
  8. Do It to Ya (featuring TeeFLii)
  9. Me & My Bitch (featuring Tory Lanez)
  10. Who Do You Love? (featuring Drake)
  11. Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin) (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
  12. 1 AM
  13. Thank God (Interlude) (featuring Big TC and R.J.)
  14. Sorry Momma (featuring Ty Dolla $ign)
Deluxe edition bonus tracks
  1. When I Was Gone (featuring R.J., Tee Cee, Charlie Hood, Reem Riches and Slim 400)
  2. Bompton
  3. My Nigga (Remix) (featuring Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill and Rich Homie Quan)
  4. 459 (featuring Natasha Mosley)

Still Brazy (2016)

YG - Still Brazy

Still Brazy

  1. Pops Hot Intro
  2. Don't Come to LA
  3. Who Shot Me?
  4. Word Is Bond (featuring Slim400)
  5. Twist My Fingaz
  6. Good Times Interlude (featuring Syke 800, Duce, Marley Blu and Burnt Out)
  7. Gimmie Got Shot
  8. I Got a Question (featuring Lil Wayne)
  9. Why You Always Hatin? (featuring Drake and Kamaiyah)
  10. My Perception (featuring Slim400)
  11. Bool, Balm & Bollective
  12. She Wish She Was (featuring Joe Moses and Jay 305)
  13. YG Be Safe (featuring The Homegirl)
  14. Still Brazy
  15. FDT (featuring Nipsey Hussle)
  16. Blacks & Browns (featuring Sad Boy)
  17. Police Get Away wit Murder

Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

Songs Featuring YG

Other Songs

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  1. She Bad
  2. Act Right
  3. Cut Her Off
  4. Grindmode
  5. Hell Yea!
  6. I Am
  7. I Know What You Like
  8. I'm Throwed
  9. Like I Got a Gun
  10. My Hitta
  11. One Time
  12. Patty Cake
  13. Relax
  14. She a Model
  15. Snitches Ain't
  16. Take It Back
  17. The Girls Love Me
  18. The Put On (Intro)
  19. Toot It and Boot It
  20. Yo Pussy
  21. You Broke

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YG is a performance name for Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson.

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2009 - present


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