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Stupid Video Game Music (2001)

Worm Quartet - Stupid Video Game Music

Stupid Video Game Music

  1. Initial Introductory Prelude What Comes Before The Rest Of The Songs
  2. Dear God
  3. Mommy's Broken
  4. Boning Away On The Ottoman
  5. Frank's Not In The Band Anymore
  6. Ode To Phil
  7. Mommy's Broken (Underwater Version)
  8. Pac-Man Is Naked And So Should You
  9. Deodorant
  10. I Hate Syracuse
  11. Get A Real Dog
  12. Mommy's Broken (Dance Remix)
  13. Long Story Short
  14. Minuet In G
  15. Thermometer Of Doom
  16. Too Fat For The Pit
  17. Mommy's Broken (French Version)
  18. Done
  19. Ice Cream Has No Bones
  20. It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Lib
  21. Mommy's Broken (Backwards Version)
  22. I Wanna Poop In Diane Sawyer's Mailbox
  23. Deadanimals
  24. Call Me Jennifer And Steal My Stapler
  25. That Better Not Be A Fucking Raisin In My Cookie
  26. Mommy's Broken (1992 Live Import Alternate Bonus Bootleg Demo)
  27. Road Bliss

Faster Than A Speeding Mullet (2004)

Worm Quartet - Faster Than A Speeding Mullet

Faster Than A Speeding Mullet

  1. I'm Gonna Procreate
  2. Great Idea For A Song
  3. If Gregg Yeti Doesn't Rejoin The Flashing Astonishers I'm Going To Kill Myself
  4. Archie Got An STD
  5. Ode To Ziploc The African Albino Claw-Footed Water Frog
  6. Let's Make Fun Of the Amish
  7. Eat Here And Die
  8. Sonata For Piano And Moron In C Major
  9. Getting Shot In The Face Sucks
  10. Raisins In Disguise / Iguana
  11. Calculator In My Bum
  12. Broom Broom Broom
  13. Find The Dead Wingless Legless Fly In Your Box Of Raisins
  14. Lice And Rice
  15. The Face Of A Child
  16. Thank You
  17. Smell My Nipple, Win A Prize
  18. Dead Tacos
  19. Why Do The Elderly Growl At Cucumbers?
  20. Salmon In Disguise
  21. Yak Aquarium
  22. Toasterama
  23. Wookiee Weeniee
  24. Sorry, We're No Longer Buying Lizard Shit
  25. My Wife
  26. J.R.O. (Intro)
  27. J.R.O.
  28. (I Wanna Wipe) A Booger On Dan (Rather)
  29. Eskimo Pie Is Not Pie And Contains Very Little Eskimo
  30. Strap-On Brain
  31. Coffee (2003 Grind)

SumoPhobia Alpha 2 EX Super Championship Turbo Edition (2006)

Worm Quartet - SumoPhobia Alpha 2 EX Super Championship Turbo Edition

SumoPhobia Alpha 2 EX Super Championship Turbo Edition

  1. Intro (Bunny Bunny Wop Wop)
  2. Coffee
  3. I Don't Give A Shit About Your Website
  4. Death of a Walrus
  5. I Bit William Shatner
  6. Hair On The Soap
  7. Violin Solo
  8. Vampire Penguins
  9. The Rabbit Song
  10. Let's Break Some Furniture
  11. Lint
  12. I Can't Get A Job
  13. Carbonated Hamsters
  14. Hopeless Romantic
  15. The Most Wonderful Dream
  16. Peter Jennings
  17. Monotony
  18. Can Of Worms

Mental Notes (2007)

  1. I'm Not A Girl
  2. C Is For Lettuce
  3. What Your Parents Think All Your Music Sounds Like
  4. Your Bird Smells
  5. Dandelions Suck
  6. Gift Certificates And Intense Agonizing Throbbing Pain
  7. you were wrong cabinet sanchez
  8. Princess Of Ohio
  9. Drugs And Masturbation
  10. Corn
  11. Adventures In Creative Nostril-Swallowing (A Tribute To Plants That Suck)
  12. I've Got A Wife
  13. I Want To Be Taken Seriously As An Artist
  14. You Will Go To The Moon

Other Songs

  1. The Laundromat of Sin
  2. The Ballad Of Dr. Stopp
  3. R2-D2

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