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End Of The Line

This song is by Woody Guthrie and appears on the album This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1 (1997).

'Long about nineteen thirty-one,
My field boiled up in the boiling sun.

'Long about nineteen thirty-two,
Dust did rise and the dust it blew.

'Long about nineteen thirty-three,
Livin' in the dust was a killin' me.

'Long about nineteen thirty-four,
Dangburn dust it blew some more.

'Long about nineteen thirty-five,
Blowed my crops about nine miles high.

'Long about nineteen thirty-six,
Me and my wife in a devil of a fix.

'Long about nineteen thirty-nine
We fanned our tails for that Orgegon line.

We got a hold of a piece of land,
Thirteen miles from the Coulee dam.

Coulee dam is a sight to see,
Makes this e-lec-a-tric-i-tee

'Lectric lights is mighty fine,
If you're hooked on to the power line

There just ain't no country extra fine.
If you're just a mile from the end o' the line.

Milk my cows and turn my stone,
Till them Grand Coullee boys come along.

My eyes are crossed, my back's in a cramp,
Tryin' to read my bible by my coal-oil lamp.

No, there ain't no country worth a dime,
If I'm just a mile from the end o' the line.

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