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Jack-Hammer Blues

This song is by Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston and Sonny Terry and appears on the compilation American Roots: A History of American Folk Music (1999) and on the compilation album The Ultimate Collection (2007) by Woody Guthrie.

Jackhammer Jackhammer
Where you been
Been out chasin them
Gals again
Ho ho ho Well I got them
See my woman
When the sun goes down
Grab my hammer
And go to town
Yes Folks
I got them Jackhammer blues

Made every state in the
Red white and blue
Looking for a jackhammer job to do
Rise easy
I got them
Jackhammer blues
Got a Jackhammer woman
Just as sweet as pie
Hammer on the hammer
Till the day I die
Lord God have mercy
I got them
Jackhammer Blues

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