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The Helicopter Song

This song is by Wolfe Tones and appears on the album Rebels & Heroes (2004).

And it's up like a bird and it's over the city
Three men are missin' I heard a warder cry
It must have been a bird that flew into the prison
Or one of these new ministers, says the warder in the joy

Early one mornin' as the branchmen were sleepin'
A little helicopter it flew across the sky
And down into the yard where some prisoners were walkin'
Get ready for inspection, said the warder in the joy

Over in the Dáil they were drinkin' gin and brandy
The minister for justice was soakin' up the sun
When along came the news that some prisoners were escapin'
I think it's three of the provos, said the warder in the joy

We'll search every home search every nook and cranny
Let no man rest until these men are found
For this cannot happen to a law and order government
I think you'll never find them, said the warder in the joy

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