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The Firey Furnaces

This song is by Wolfe Tones.

Pick up your trumpet,
Your plastic pretend trumpet:
Blow me your horn today
Pick up your tambourine,
Your Fisher Price My First Tamborine:
Jingle and jangle today.
Plug in your keyboard,
Your symphonic sound samba Samsung:
Pick out a tune today.
Turn off your radio
Shut away your stereo
Put away your discman
And play me a tune today:
I rub the peg-paste and the chalk in.
Scrape and the wolf-notes start to grrr.
I did a donkey's back with fixed frog
And I martellato the slur.
Through an open wound you watch the guts go,
Cut cross the cat line, thick and thin.
All overspun and resigned-up a slow stick trills me, trills me:
She varnished all around her F-holes;
Blue tape take aim, but the arms are too low.
Legato look and sawing detache:
But you want to bust your bow.
Bow down and wipe off, snap the case closed.
Madame Professor says Well done.
But an electric stroboscopic frequency meter'd say otherwise.
I scratch harmonicas in half-position;
I pinch my e-string rat-a-tat;
I double stop on any open string;
Screw my G on up to B-flat.

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