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Mixtape by Wiz Khalifa.
  1. Intro
  2. I'm A Star (featuring Johnny Juliano)
  3. Feels Good
  4. Hero Freestyle
  5. Be Easy Remix (featuring Boaz, Kev Da Hustla and Young Ro)
  6. How You Live
  7. Low Ridin' Freestyle
  8. Bankroll (featuring Courtney Noelle)
  9. Change Up
  10. Shawty Wanna Roll (featuring Lavish)
  11. P.W.P. (featuring Kev Da Hustla)
  12. My Life (featuring Johnny Juliano)
  13. Everytime Freestyle
  14. Imma Keep
  15. Dope Boys Freestyle
  16. So High
  17. Pop Bottles
  18. Weed Roller (featuring Kev Da Hustla)
  19. Star Power
  20. Ink My Whole Body
  21. Like A Star
  22. Spaceship
  23. Take A Ride
  24. Flickin' Ashes
  25. Where The Cash At Freestyle
  26. Spacely (featuring Rocky Fontaine)

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