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Eels Sang

This song is by Wire and appears on the album Change Becomes Us (2013).

A robin’s bad air spin, Courrèges was its designer
Main mast red, bliss nurse bin liner, Heidi nil and eels sang (lino)

Pagen hen coin, working yen, our kid was in West China
Simon cow pink note E-minor, Heidi nil and eels sang (lino)

No stinking Butlin’s Ian, playing cupid an angina
i.e. brine, night sown too inky, Heidi nil and eels sang (lino)

A pair of Stewart Graingers, henna brought back the old timer
School mint tea, sackcloth inside her, Heidi nil and eels sang (lino)

Miss Soul a poignant red, Bach wrote songs in Asia Minor
Handy lion switch sale of panther, Heidi nil and eels sang (lino)



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