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San Antonio

This song is by Willie Nelson and appears on the album Texas in My Soul (1968) and on the album Spotlight On Willie Nelson (1974).

I was walking when the sun came up this morning
I was walking when the sun went down last night
Cursing the day that I walked away
From the loved ones and friends I know in San Antonio

I was so intent in leaving home last Fall
All the world was mine and I could feel the call
Luring me on to places unknown
Far from the hills of home, back in San Antone

I must admit I'm just a home boy
A San Antone boy, a far from home boy
I hear the call of San Antonio
And that's where I plan to go

Fate has turned my back on all that I wanted so
Now I know that I was never meant to roam
So I cursed the day that I walked away
As I return to stay in San Antonio
San Antonio, San Antonio


Written by:

Jerry Blanton

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