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The Wreckoning (2012)


The Wreckoning

  1. Love You Like A Big Schlong
  2. Trouble
  3. Chow Down (featuring Vicky Vox and Detox)
  4. Starfucker (featuring Vicky Vox and Detox)
  5. The Vagina Song
  6. Potential New Boyfriend
  7. She Doesn't Know
  8. Let's Have A KaiKai (featuring Rhea Litré)
  9. Stand By Your Man (featuring Drake Jensen)
  10. RuPaulogize (featuring Sharon Needles)
  11. Trouble (WDWD Doot Doot Mix)

Shartistry in Motion (2015)

Willam - Shartistry in Motion

Shartistry in Motion

  1. Coin On The Dresser
  2. Ride For AIDS (featuring Alaska Thunderfuck)
  3. Thick Thighs (featuring Latrice Royale)
  4. American Apparel Ad Girls (featuring Courtney Act and Alaska Thunderfuck)
  5. U.C.C. (featuring Rhea Litré)
  6. How Much Can't
  7. Es Una Pasiva
  8. Only Anally


Songs from Compilations

  1. Christmas Sweater (featuring Courtney Act and Alaska Thunderfuck) on Christmas Queens (2015)

Other Songs

  1. Gaycation! (featuring Detox and Vicky Vox)

Songs Featuring Willam

  1. The Shade Of It All (featuring Alaska Thunderfuck and Courtney Act) on Anus (2015)

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  • Born: 1982

Real name:

Willam is a performance name for Willam Belli.

Years active:

  • 2012-present

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