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Switch Raegee

This song is by Will Smith.

Yo mic check mic check
Yeah here he go
Naw he over here
Yeah I heard he got that hot new thing
Its called switch

Heeeeeeey hey (shake yo body)
Turn around now
Turn it over and

Vibe da vibe second
Dis a club girl why you arrive naked
Hear that veteran glide the record
But don't download got out and by the record
Something sexy 'bout a girl on the floor
All her friend around her
I mean real clean ain't gotta touch or nothing
It ain't like I don't like it chick on chick or somthing
I'm just a sucker for a hot track

Gimme a drink and a chick to tell stop that
Dance is a hop and a clap flip it round
Now bring it own back break it down

Every body dance now
Ooh la la la
Turn it over and shake ya body
Turn around now
Turn it over and
Ooh la la la

Elephant man:

Let me love the way you shake yo booty and
Get jiggy with it
And I don't know the rest sorry you try to understand him

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