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Jaden's Interlude

This song is by Will Smith and appears on the album Born to Reign (2002).

Jada: what are you doing
Jaden: I'm just looking over there
Jada: you looking over their
Jaden: Yeah I'm just looking at the piano
Will: You ready to come out yet?
Jaden: No
Will: You cool you chillin'
Jaden: Aha
Will: It's all good
Jaden: Yeah
Will: You gonna be quiet while mommy's singing
Jaden: Yeah
Will: You can talk right now though
Jaden: Okay
Jaden: How you gonna warm up
Jada: Well hopefully if I keep doing it enough we'll get it right
Jaden: Mum can I have some microphones can I have some earphones on
Jada: Umm will I don't know if they have an extra'can jaden have earphones
Jada: Oh there you go jaden
Jaden: Yay
Jada: You can hear me
Jaden: Yeah
Jada: okay
Jaden: Can I talk to my daddy
Jada: Daddy can hear you
Jaden: Hi daddy wassup
Will: You can hear me
Jaden: Yeah whoa
Jada: But when the music starts you have to be quiet
Jaden: Okay

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