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There Is No-One What Will Take Care of You (1993)

Will Oldham - There Is No-One What Will Take Care of You

There Is No-One What Will Take Care of You

  • as Palace Brothers
  1. Idle Hands Are the Devil's Playthings
  2. Long Before
  3. I Tried to Stay Healthy for You
  4. The Cellar Song
  5. (I Was Drunk at The) Pulpit
  6. There Is No-One What Will Take Care of You
  7. O Lord Are You in Need?
  8. Merida
  9. King Me
  10. I Had a Good Mother and Father
  11. Riding
  12. O Paul

Hope (1994)

Will Oldham - Hope


  • as Palace Songs
  1. Agnes, Queen of Sorrow
  2. Untitled
  3. Winter Lady
  4. Christmastime in the Mountains
  5. All Gone, All Gone
  6. Werner's Last Blues to Blockbuster

Days in the Wake (1994)

Will Oldham - Days in the Wake

Days in the Wake

  • as Palace Brothers
  1. You Will Miss Me When I Burn
  2. Pushkin
  3. Come a Little Dog
  4. I Send My Love to You
  5. Meaulnes
  6. No More Workhorse Blues
  7. All Is Grace
  8. Whither Thou Goest
  9. (Thou Without) Partner
  10. I Am a Cinematographer

Mountain (1995)

Will Oldham - Mountain


  1. The Mountain
  2. Gulf Shores
  3. (End of) Travelling
  4. West Palm Beach

Viva Last Blues (1995)

Will Oldham - Viva Last Blues

Viva Last Blues

  • as Palace Music
  1. More Brother Rides
  2. Viva Ultra
  3. The Brute Choir
  4. The Mountain Low
  5. Tonight's Decision (And Hereafter)
  6. Work Hard/Play Hard
  7. New Partner
  8. Cat's Blues
  9. We All, Us Three, Will Ride
  10. Old Jerusalem
UK limited edition bonus disc
  1. Black/Rich Tune
  2. You Have cum in Your Hair and Your Dick Is Hanging Out (alternate version)

Arise Therefore (1996)

Will Oldham - Arise Therefore

Arise Therefore

  • as Palace Music
  1. 41/59
  2. Stablemate
  3. A Sucker's Evening
  4. Arise, Therefore
  5. You Have Cum in Your Hair and Your Dick Is Hanging Out
  6. Kid of Harith
  7. The Sun Highlights the Lack in Each
  8. No Gold Digger
  9. Disorder
  10. A Group of Women
  11. Give Me Children
  12. The Weaker Soldier

Western Music (1997)

Will Oldham - Western Music

Western Music

  1. Always Bathing in the Evening
  2. Western Song for J.L.L.
  3. Three Photographs
  4. Jump in Jump in, Come in Come in

Lost Blues and Other Songs (1997)

Will Oldham - Lost Blues and Other Songs

Lost Blues and Other Songs

  • as Palace Music
  1. Ohio River Boat Song
  2. Riding
  3. Valentine's Day
  4. Trudy Dies
  5. Come In
  6. Little Blue Eyes
  7. Horses
  8. Stable Will
  9. Untitled (live)
  10. O How I Enjoy the Light
  11. Marriage
  12. West Palm Beach
  13. Gulf Shores
  14. (End Of) Travelling
  15. Lost Blues

Joya (1997)

Will Oldham - Joya


  • as Will Oldham
  1. O Let It Be
  2. Antagonism
  3. New Gypsy
  4. Under What Was Oppression
  5. The Gator
  6. Open Your Heart
  7. Rider
  8. Be Still and Know God (Don't Be Shy)
  9. Apocolypse, No!
  10. I Am Still What I Meant to Be
  11. Bolden Boke Boy
  12. Idea and Deed
Limited edition bonus disc (Little Joya)
  1. Prologue
  2. Joya
  3. Exit Music (For a Dick)

Black/Rich Music (1998)

Will Oldham - Black-Rich Music

Black/Rich Music

  • as Will Oldham
  1. Organ: Do What You Will Do
  2. Do What You Will Do
  3. The Risen Lord
  4. Organ: Allowance
  5. Allowance
  6. Black/Rich Tune
  7. Organ: Black/Rich
  8. Guitar: Do What You Will Do

Black Dissimulation (1998)

Will Oldham - Black Dissimulation

Black Dissimulation

  • as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  1. Black Dissimulation
  2. No Such as What I Want

Blue Lotus Feet (1998)

Will Oldham - Blue Lotus Feet

Blue Lotus Feet

  • as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  1. One with the Birds
  2. Southside of the World
  3. When Thy Song Flows Through Me
  4. I Am the Sky
  5. Blue Lotus Feet
  6. Polestar of My Life
  7. Door of My Heart

I See a Darkness (1999)

Will Oldham - I See a Darkness

I See a Darkness

  • as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  1. A Minor Place
  2. Nomadic Revery (All Around)
  3. I See a Darkness
  4. Another Day Full of Dread
  5. Death to Everyone
  6. Knockturne
  7. Madeleine-Mary
  8. Song for the New Breed
  9. Today I Was an Evil One
  10. Black
  11. Raining in Darling

Let's Start a Family (1999)

Will Oldham - Let's Start a Family

Let's Start a Family

  • as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  1. Let's Start a Family (Blacks)
  2. A Whorehouse Is Any House

More Revery (2000)

Will Oldham - More Revery

More Revery

  • as Bonny Billy
  1. Someone's Sleeping
  2. Sweeter Than Anything
  3. Same Love That Made Me Laugh
  4. A Dream of the Sea
  5. Strange Things
  6. Just to See You Smile

All Most Heaven (2000)

Rian Murphy And Will Oldham - All Most Heaven

All Most Heaven

  1. Fall Again
  2. Fall and Raise It On
  3. Song of Most
  4. Song of All

Guarapero: Lost Blues 2 (2000)

Will Oldham - Guarapero- Lost Blues 2

Guarapero: Lost Blues 2

  • as Will Oldham
  1. Apocolypse, No! (alternate take)
  2. Drinking Woman
  3. The Spider's Dude Is Often There (live)
  4. Gezundheit
  5. Let the Wires Ring
  6. Big Balls
  7. For the Mekons et al. (live)
  8. Stable Will (live)|
  9. Every Mother's Son
  10. No More Rides
  11. The Risen Lord (unreleased single version)
  12. Boy, Have You Cum (unreleased single version)
  13. Patience
  14. Take However Long You Want
  15. Sugarcane Juice Drinker
  16. Call Me a Liar
  17. O Lord Are You in Need?

Ease Down the Road (2001)

Will Oldham - Ease Down the Road

Ease Down the Road

  • as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  1. May It Always Be
  2. Careless Love
  3. A King at Night
  4. Just to See My Holly Home
  5. At Break of Day
  6. After I Made Love to You
  7. Ease Down the Road
  8. The Lion Lair
  9. Mrs. William
  10. Sheep
  11. Grand Dark Feeling of Emptiness
  12. Rich Wife Full of Happiness
UK limited edition bonus disc
  1. What's Wrong with a Zoo? (live)
  2. I Send My Love to You (live)
  3. Stablemate (live)

Master and Everyone (2003)

Will Oldham - Master and Everyone

Master and Everyone

  • as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  1. The Way
  2. Ain't You Wealthy, Ain't You Wise?
  3. Master and Everyone
  4. Wolf Among Wolves
  5. Joy and Jubilee
  6. Maundering
  7. Lessons from What's Poor
  8. Even If Love
  9. Three Questions
  10. Hard Life
Bonus track on Japan release
  1. Forest Time

Sings Greatest Palace Music (2004)

Will Oldham - Sings Greatest Palace Music

Sings Greatest Palace Music

  • as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  1. New Partner
  2. Ohio River Boat Song
  3. Gulf Shores
  4. You Will Miss Me When I Burn
  5. The Brute Choir
  6. I Send My Love to You
  7. More Brother Rides
  8. Agnes, Queen of Sorrow
  9. Viva Ultra
  10. Pushkin
  11. Horses
  12. Riding
  13. West Palm Beach
  14. No More Workhorse Blues
  15. I Am a Cinematographer

The Brave and the Bold (2006)

Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold

  1. Cravo é Canela
  2. Thunder Road
  3. It's Expected I'm Gone
  4. Daniel
  5. Love Is Love
  6. Pancho
  7. That's Pep!
  8. Some Say (I Got Devil)
  9. Calvary Cross
  10. On My Own

The Letting Go (2006)

Will Oldham - The Letting Go

The Letting Go

  • as Will Oldham
  1. Love Comes to Me
  2. Strange Form of Life
  3. Wai
  4. Cursed Sleep
  5. No Bad News
  6. Cold & Wet
  7. Big Friday
  8. Lay and Love
  9. The Seedling
  10. Then the Letting Go
  11. God's Small Song
  12. I Called You Back
  13. Ebb Tide

Little Lost Blues (2006)

Will Oldham - Little Lost Blues

Little Lost Blues

  • as Will Oldham
  1. Little Boy Blue
  2. His Hands
  3. Black Dissimulation
  4. Southside of the World
  5. I Confess
  6. Less of Me
  7. Barcelona
  8. Let's Start a Family (Blacks)
  9. Little Boy Blue 2
  10. I Am Drinking Again
  11. Crying in the Chapel

Lay and Love (2007)

Will Oldham - Lay and Love

Lay and Love

  • as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  1. Lay and Love
  2. Señor
  3. Going to Acapulco

Ask Forgiveness (2007)

Will Oldham - Ask Forgiveness

Ask Forgiveness

  • as Will Oldham
  1. I Came Here to Hear the Music
  2. I've Seen It All
  3. Am I Demon
  4. My Life
  5. I'm Loving the Street
  6. The Way I Am
  7. Cycles
  8. The World's Greatest

Lie Down in the Light (2008)

Will Oldham - Lie Down in the Light

Lie Down in the Light

  • as Will Oldham
  1. Easy Does It
  2. You Remind Me of Something (The Glory Goes)
  3. So Everyone
  4. For Every Field There's a Mole
  5. (Keep Eye On) Other's Gain
  6. You Want That Picture
  7. Missing One
  8. What's Missing Is
  9. Where Is the Puzzle?
  10. Lie Down in the Light
  11. Willow Trees Bend
  12. I'll Be Glad

Is It the Sea? (2008)

Will Oldham - Is It the Sea?

Is It the Sea?

  1. Minor Place
  2. Love Comes to Me
  3. Bed Is for Sleeping
  4. Arise Therefore
  5. Wolf Among Wolves
  6. Ain't You Wealthy? Ain't You Wise?
  7. Cursed Sleep
  8. Molly Bawn
  9. Birch Ballard
  10. New Partner
  11. Is It the Sea?
  12. My Home Is the Sea
  13. Master and Everyone

Beware (2009)

Will Oldham - Beware


  • as Will Oldham
  1. Beware Your Only Friend
  2. You Can't Hurt Me Now
  3. My Life's Work
  4. Death Final
  5. Heart's Arms
  6. You Don't Love Me
  7. You Are Lost
  8. I Won't Ask Again
  9. I Don't Belong to Anyone
  10. There Is Something I Have to Say
  11. I Am Goodbye
  12. Without Work, You Have Nothing
  13. Afraid Ain't Me

Among the Gold (2009)

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy And Cheyenne Mize - Among The Gold

Among the Gold

  1. Only a Dream
  2. Love's Old Sweet Song
  3. Beautiful Dreamer
  4. Kiss Me Again
  5. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  6. Silver Threads Among the Gold

The Wonder Show of the World (2010)

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy And The Cairo Gang - The Wonder Show Of The World

The Wonder Show of the World

  1. Troublesome Houses
  2. Teach Me to Bear You
  3. With Cornstalks or Among Them
  4. The Sounds Are Always Begging
  5. Go Folks, Go
  6. That's What Our Love Is
  7. Merciless and Great
  8. Where Wind Blows
  9. Someone Coming Through
  10. Kids

Wolfroy Goes to Town (2011)

Will Oldham - Wolfroy Goes to Town

Wolfroy Goes to Town

  • as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  1. No Match
  2. New Whaling
  3. Time to Be Clear
  4. New Tibet
  5. Black Captain
  6. Cows
  7. There Will Be Spring
  8. Quail and Dumplings
  9. We Are Unhappy
  10. Night Noises

Now Here's My Plan (2012)

Will Oldham - Now Here's My Plan

Now Here's My Plan

  1. I Don't Belong to Anyone
  2. Beast for Thee
  3. No Gold Digger
  4. After I Made Love to You
  5. I See a Darkness
  6. Three Questions

Songs of Love and Horror (2018)

Will Oldham - Songs of Love and Horror

Songs of Love and Horror

  1. I See a Darkness
  2. Ohio River Boat Song
  3. So Far and Here We Are
  4. The Way
  5. Wai
  6. The Glory Goes
  7. Only Someone Running
  8. Big Friday
  9. Most People
  10. Strange Affair
  11. New Partner
  12. Party with Marty (Abstract Blues)

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  1. Christmas Eve Can Kill You

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