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The Night

This song is by Will Cookson and appears on the album The Geometry of Dreams (2011).

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March 23, 2019
Bare bound the wolves gathered round
As on the forest floor in leaves she lay
Her skin pale, her fingers frail
As in the arms of the night we made her stay

Dark now the candle's gone out
But in these dreams you get burned just the same
And you feel scared and so unprepared
For the role that you're playing in this game

And it's so hard I know to keep on with the show
When you feel just like hiding in a cave
But nothing in the dark can grow so give it just one more time
We won't solve our woes by flying away

So quiet now the stars have come out
These constellations have led so many home
But they're light years away from our fears
The dark inky seas we sail alone

Over the sea and foam bright lights will call us home
As the heart longs for the scenes of yesterday
When under the waves we go some of the dreams that we leave behind
Might float and help the lost to find their way

When all the stars implode and all these dreams erode
Who knows what'll remain without the light
But now that we're here I hope that the sun might heal our scars
And help to ease our fear of the night

And though we might still be scared of the night
We'll be safe in each other's arms until morning light

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