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Backstreet Boys Hoedown

This song is by Colin Mochrie, Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady.

This song is featured in the television series Whose Line Is It Anyway? Wikipedia16.

Them Backstreet Boys, I think they really stink
It isn't anything personal, they're just not in sync
This might be kinda weird, it could be a shock
But I still got a poster of the New Kids On the Block

Well, I hate radio today
They don't have anything good to play
All they play is junk, they are in a rut
I wish they'd take the Backstreet Boys and shove 'em up their butt

I hate the Backstreet Boys, they bug me like no one else can
So I came up with a really cunning plan
I kidnap them and then I show them
Oh! how to hurt
I made them all wear a copy of my shirt

A lot of people think that the best ones in the land
But the Backstreet Boys aren't my kinda band
Many people think that they are heaven-sent
But you're not a band unless you play an instrument

Play an instrument!



Featured in the TV series Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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