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Arrested Hoedown Number 2

This song is by Colin Mochrie, Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady.

This song is featured in the television series Whose Line Is It Anyway? Wikipedia16.
There I go, I'm in my car cruisin',
Problem is, I've been out earlier boozin'.
I shouldn't have done, the bad things that I did,
The only upside is that I was arrested by Ingrid.

The subject of my last arrest, well I don't wanna delve,
They put me on the ground and showed me their Adam-12.
Then they Starsky and Hutch'ed me, and threw me on the floor,
And that's how I ended up in Hawaii with five ho's.

I've been arrested, over twenty times,
I've been arrested, for many different crimes.
People think it's horrible, but I think "what the hell?",
It's not that unusual, I play in the NFL.

I try to rob every store that I see,
But one time I got caught by forty cops, how could that be?
I walk right in and I opened up the door,
That's what I get for robbin' a donut store.



Featured in the TV series Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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