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African Chant

  1. Mike African Chant

Greatest Hits

  1. Clang Bang Clang Bang Clang Clang Bang Bang Clang Bang by Wayne Brady
  2. Clubs Spears and Shields by Wayne Brady & Chip Esten
  3. Dump It
  4. Hey Look! Picnic!
  5. I've Got a Thorax to Grind with You by Brad Sherwood
  6. Insects And The Single Girl
  7. Lalalalala
  8. Obi-Wan Kenobi With The Flowing Brown Roby
  9. Oily Cheeks
  10. The Harley of Seville by Wayne Brady & Jeff Davis


  1. 100th Episode Hoedown by Brady, Carey, Mochrie, Stiles
  2. Arrested Hoedown by Brady, Carey, Mochrie, Stiles
  3. Arrested Hoedown Number 2 by Brady, Carey, Mochrie, Stiles
  4. Astronaut Hoedown by Brady, Davis, Mochrie, Stiles
  5. Bachelor Party Hoedown by Brady, Carey, Proops, Stiles
  6. Backstreet Boys Hoedown by Brady, Carey, Mochrie, Stiles
  7. Birth Hoedown by Brady, Mochrie, Siegel, Stiles
  8. Car Salesman Hoedown by Carey, Esten, Mochrie, Stiles
  9. Cheating Hoedown
  10. Cheese Hoedown by Brady, Mochrie, Sherwood, Stiles
  11. Children Hoedown by Carey, Lawrence, Mochrie, Stiles
  12. Cop Show Hoedown by Brady, Esten, Mochrie, Stiles
  13. Drinking Hoedown
  14. Family Reunion Hoedown
  15. Gambling Hoedown
  16. Going Bald Hoedown
  17. Magician Hoedown
  18. Movie Usher Hoedown
  19. Moving Hoedown
  20. Plastic Surgery Hoedown
  21. Playboy Photographer Hoedown
  22. Pregnancy Test Hoedown
  23. Puberty Hoedown
  24. Scary Wife Hoedown by Mochrie, Proops, Stiles, Brady
  25. Shoplifting Hoedown by Mochrie, Proops, Stiles, Brady
  26. Skydiving Hoedown by Mochrie, Proops, Stiles, Brady
  27. Tourists And Movie Theater Hoedown
  28. Vending Machine Hoedown
  29. Village People Hoedown
  30. Weight Hoedown
  31. Working Out Hoedown
  32. Wrestler Hoedown
  33. You're Ugly Hoedown

Irish Drinking Songs

  1. Farted Irish Drinking Song
  2. First Kiss Irish Drinking Song
  3. Giving Birth Irish Drinking Song
  4. Got Mugged Irish Drinking Song
  5. Lobotomy Irish Drinking Song
  6. Wrong Name In Bed Irish Drinking Song

Song Styles

  1. Howard by Wayne Brady

Three-Headed Broadway Star

  1. I Can't Stop Thinking About Your Pants
  2. Whistle On Cue
  3. You Are My Chili Dog

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