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This song is by White Zombie and appears on the album Soul Crusher (1987).

A knuckle duster
Ts the most deadly
In the ponderous pace
Of floating justice
Single-handed dynamo

Take it now, say the way we want
And not for you to point the finger
Combustible in a word fuckin'
Say the word and you'll be free

Continue your journey
Superman say I am we can
Put you down
Not a wizard-boy question
Just a demonstration of definition
Silver city crusading to the top
Of a fug'n bone break most
Vile experiment ready
To eat your ass

Clockface, bigtime
We are some kind
Say it like always

Clockface, bigtime
We are some kind
Say it like always

Sound, silence
Promote the zero
A steel hammer game from me
To you but I don't mind the matter
Ratmouth don't know what you need
Just know what you want
'Walking dead' crawling bloodthirsty
Hollywood demon flower grow in the
Valley of Love like a freak
Highway accident

Last ride rolling down
Say hi-density
Glory stomp gonna
Make the girl in the room
In the house turn
And see that I ain't there

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