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Floor 67

This song is by White Willow and appears on the album Terminal Twilight (2011).

Dark October drifting past us
Sheets of rain that hum and drum
On this panoramic window
While the grammophone plays "Stormy Weather" again

And the winds that howl and holler
Like a lost and lonely beast
While this empty high-rise shivers
But for floor 67 where you and I sleep

The empty cabana
The wolves by the pool-side
The hawks in the grand foyer
And raggedy children
Who play after sundown
In cars that are all stripped bare

We are stocked and under lock
An ice machine, a movie screen
And drinks to last us 'til the end
Sobriety is not a friend

This was once a proud endeavour
Builders reaching for the sky
Now there's nothing here that lingers
But the cold, hollow cries of a market that died

But we stayed on through the winter
As the empire crashed and burned
And we heard the world grow quiet
And the voice on the radio said its goodbye

A wonderful vista
An endless siesta
So high up above it all
On floor 67
We danced in our heaven
While you watched the curtain fall

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