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Do You Like Criminals?

This song is by Westside Connection and appears on the album Bow Down (1996).

Say hoe I got way more dick than them niggas who be rollin' you in lexos
No punk ass Versace gear just the nigga with the triple 1 braids in his beard
Quick to get your pussy to dripping so quit tripping
Like you got have a nigga resembling Donnie Simpson
Hoe I'm from the wild wild west fuck them preppy niggas
You need to get with this malt
Liqour sipper picture me simpin over ya never
How ya figure I'll be crying over yo ass like that
Babyface nigga, bitch you better be glad
I got 3 strikes because back in '85
I'd been to gave your ass a black eye
See I been waving at your ass all week but all
You do is roll your eyes like your shit don't stink
So now it's time a nigga clowned your ass
'Cause I can tell from the tattoos you's a high class hood rat
Don't want to fuck with niggas in khakis
But hoe I bet for the dough
You quick to jack that ass like a 4
So quit fronting on a nigga and lick these and bitch
Hit the road with your fucked up weave...

(Ice Cube)

How would you like to get a rough nigga, rugged and raw
Outlaw rollin' down the shaw
Do you want a mothafucka that's hard
Or a bitch-made nigga cute as El Debarge?
Do you like negros?
Him and those
Individuals called criminals?
How'd you figure a West Coast nigga
Drinking liquor gots to know how to dick you
When we dated straight fade it
Penetrated Mrs.Sophisticated
Know daddy hate it
Never met a nigga quite as fly as me
All bottled up in your high society
You want to check my mental
Cause how could a nigga from South Central roll in a Benzo
Spice in ya life is what you need you intrigued by the smell of my weed
I represent reality in your world full of lies
And I can see it in your eyes
You worried sick and I'm chillin' (Westside)
Tell your family to fuck off and roll with this villain

Do you like negros, him and those, individuals called criminals?(2x)

(Mack 10)
Who wanna fuck wit it I put it down for real tho
It's Mack 10 and let your nigga know I'm gun ho
Baby I guess maybe I can get with your program
With hundred spoke tonas on my front and back
Brougham hit a lick or two make your whole life a thriller
Make you wanna shake the nerd and come ride with a killa
Hot as sauce out the floss no need to be discreet
I swing the fuck out this bitch till my bumper touch the street
On switches and I'm workin jerkin got you niggas smirkin
Jack the ass up and down till my back wheels is chirpin
You need to be with me bitch you too fucking bombay
To be on the Shaw with a nigga with a Hyundai
I take you through my neighborgood raised where crime pays
No girbauds no fades just khaki's and French braids
And all my friends is niggas that know what ends is
In high-top Chucks pushin V-12 Benz'
With hoochy hoes groupie hoes
You know those with a gang of money lolo's and penitintiary fo do's
So shake him now no need of waitin or debatin
Slam the door on them five stars and hop on these Daytons


Dee, dee, dee, daddi, daddi, dee, dee, daddi day
I come from the crew I thought you knew we don't play
I see your frowning but I'm clownin' anyway
Can't nobody fade K-Dee baby, baby
I know you're Catholic
But can you have you have a dick up in them guts all the way to
Deez nuts
You're a rich girl far from skeezer
I'm playing at the mall with your Visa
You wanna swang with K-Swinger
(When the West is in the houseoh my God! danger)
Take a hit you'll live
But when you hit it hoe you got to puff, puff give
Now I hear you giggling
But all I wanna see is asses wiggling and titties jiggling
So what you wanna do?
Don't go chasing waterfalls
Stick to them dicks and balls your use to
Go ahead and take a big lick
Cause girls look so good on the end of
My dick
That right is it tight?
I know you ain't a dike
What type of nigga do you like?

Bitch I'm from the wild, wild west
Can't you tell buy the "S" on my chest
We got hoes for days
Plus we paid and no stress no mothafuckin' dress

Do you like criminals?

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