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Webb Pierce (1955)

Webb Pierce - Webb Pierce

Webb Pierce

  1. In The Jailhouse Now
  2. More And More
  3. Even Tho
  4. Your Good For Nothing Heart
  5. You're Not Mine Anymore
  6. I Haven't Got The Heart
  7. Sparkling Brown Eyes
  8. You Just Can't Be True
  9. New Silver Bells
  10. I'm Walking The Dog
  11. I'll Go On Alone
  12. I Don't Care

The Wondering Boy (1956)

Webb Pierce - The Wondering Boy

The Wondering Boy

  1. Wondering
  2. There Stands The Glass (cover of "There Stands the Glass" by Blaine Smith)
  3. That's Me Without You
  4. Don't Throw Your Life Away
  5. Love, Love, Love
  6. If You Were Me (And I Were You)
  7. Back Street Affair
  8. It's Been So Long
  9. Slowly
  10. Don't Do It Darlin'
  11. Yes I Know Why (I Want To Cry)
  12. I'm Gonna Fall Out Of Love With You

Just Imagination (1957)

Webb Pierce - Just Imagination

Just Imagination

  1. A New Love Affair
  2. I Care No More
  3. Don't Be the One
  4. I Know It Was You
  5. I Love You Dear
  6. Who Wouldn't Love You
  7. Just Imagination
  8. Call Me Your Sweetheart
  9. I Found a True Love
  10. I'm Only Wishin'
  11. Too Late to Worry Now
  12. I'll Get by Somehow

Bound for the Kingdom (1959)

Webb Pierce - Bound for the Kingdom

Bound for the Kingdom

  • With The Anita Kerr Singers
  1. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
  2. I'm Bound for the Kingdom
  3. Hold Fast to the Right
  4. Whispering Hope
  5. I'll Fly Away
  6. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
  7. When God Dips His Love in My Heart
  8. Where We'll Never Grow Old
  9. Old Country Church
  10. I'll Meet You in the Morning
  11. If We Never Meet Again
  12. I Feel Like Traveling on

The One and Only... (1959)

Webb Pierce - The One and Only...

The One and Only...

  1. New Panhandle Rag
  2. Jilted Love
  3. Heebie Jeebie Blues
  4. Jinx in Love
  5. High Geared Daddy
  6. I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me (I Found Someone That's True)
  7. Georgia Rag
  8. It's All Between the Lines
  9. Lucy Lee
  10. Sweetheart You Know I Love You So
  11. English Sweetheart
  12. The Darkest Hour

Webb! (1959)

Webb Pierce - Webb!


  1. After the Boy Gets the Girl
  2. I Owe It to My Heart
  3. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  4. Life to Go
  5. Sittin' Alone
  6. You Make Me Live Again
  7. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
  8. The Violet and the Rose
  9. Tupelo County Jail
  10. Crazy Arms
  11. Falling Back to You
  12. I Won't Be Crying Anymore

Webb With A Beat (1960)

Webb Pierce - Webb With A Beat

Webb With A Beat

  1. I Ain't Never
  2. It's My Way
  3. Gotta Travel On
  4. I've Got My Fingers Crossed
  5. I'll Never Have To Be Alone
  6. Whirlpool Of Love
  7. No Love Have I
  8. Is It Wrong (For Loving You)
  9. I'm Tired
  10. Poison Love
  11. Public Enemy Number One
  12. In The Jailhouse Now

Walking the Streets (1960)

Webb Pierce - Walking the Streets

Walking the Streets

  1. Walking the Streets
  2. Pathway of Teardrops
  3. With You It's the Money
  4. Lover's Leap
  5. All I Need Is You
  6. Drinkin' My Blues Away
  7. Let Me the First to Know
  8. You Make Love to Everyone
  9. I Think of You
  10. Drifting Texas Sand
  11. All Night Long
  12. Down Panama Way

Webb Pierce's Golden Favorites (1961)

Webb Pierce - Webb Pierce's Golden Favorites

Webb Pierce's Golden Favorites

  1. The Honky Tonk Song
  2. Missing You
  3. Bye Bye Love
  4. Someday
  5. Why Baby Why (cover of "Why Baby Why" by George Jones & Gene Pitney)
  6. How Long
  7. I'm Tired
  8. All I Need Is You
  9. New Panhandle Rag
  10. Any Old Time
  11. Shanghied
  12. Thousand Miles Ago

Fallen Angel... (1960)

Webb Pierce - Fallen Angel...

Fallen Angel...

  1. Fallen Angel
  2. Rose And A Thorn
  3. Let Forgiveness In
  4. So Used To Loving You
  5. There's More Pretty Girls Than One
  6. Forgive Me
  7. Truck Driver's Blues
  8. Is My Ring On Your Finger
  9. My Rough And Rowdy Ways
  10. Walk On The Wild Side Of Life
  11. No One But Me
  12. Last Night

Hideaway Heart (1962)

Webb Pierce - Hideaway Heart

Hideaway Heart

  1. Hideaway Heart
  2. That's My Heart's Desire
  3. Cowtown
  4. Strong Chains of Love
  5. Broken Engagement
  6. First to Have a Second Chance
  7. Pictures on the Wall
  8. How Do You Talk To A Baby
  9. Tennessee Waltz
  10. Tender Years
  11. I'm Walking Behind You
  12. Honey (Open That Door)

Cross Country (1962)

Webb Pierce - Cross Country

Cross Country

  1. Heartaches by the Number
  2. You Are My Life
  3. Waterloo
  4. Cry Cry Darling
  5. Free of the Blues
  6. I'm Letting You Go
  7. Take Time
  8. Someday You'll Call My Name
  9. Alla My Love
  10. Crazy Wild Desire
  11. I'm Fallin' in Love With You
  12. I Close My Eyes

I've Got a New Heartache (1963)

Webb Pierce - I've Got a New Heartache

I've Got a New Heartache

  1. Oh Lonesome Me (cover of "Oh Lonesome Me" by Don Gibson)
  2. Sooner Or Later
  3. Little Bitty Tear (cover of "A Little Bitty Tear" by Burl Ives)
  4. What Good Will It Do
  5. One More Time
  6. If I Could Come Back
  7. Walk On By
  8. Are You Sincere
  9. I Can't Stop Loving You (cover of "I Can't Stop Loving You" by Don Gibson)
  10. I've Got A New Heartache (cover of "I've Got A New Heartache" by Ray Price)
  11. If I Lost Your Love
  12. Georgia Town Blues

Bow Thy Head (1963)

Webb Pierce - Bow Thy Head

Bow Thy Head

  1. Standing on the Promises
  2. God Will
  3. What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul
  4. Far Away
  5. What Would You Do (If Jesus Came to Your House)
  6. Just as I Am
  7. Wait a Little Longer, Please Jesus
  8. Softly and Tenderly
  9. We Are Drifting
  10. Bow Thy Head
  11. Pastor's Absent on Vacation
  12. Almost Persuaded

Sands of Gold (1964)

Webb Pierce - Sands of Gold

Sands of Gold

  1. Please Help Me, I'm Falling
  2. Sands Of Gold
  3. Blue Mood
  4. Don't Let Me Cross Over
  5. Roses Are Red (My Love)
  6. My Love For You
  7. Detroit City
  8. Those Wonderful Years
  9. Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
  10. If The Back Door Could Talk
  11. True Love Never Dies
  12. Smile Of A Clown

Memory #1 (1965)

Webb Pierce - Memory Number 1

Memory Number 1

  1. That's Where My Money Goes
  2. Leavin' on Your Mind
  3. Wasting a Lifetime
  4. Invisible Tears
  5. French Riviera
  6. Love Come to Me
  7. Broken Engagement
  8. Here I Am Drunk Again
  9. Without You by My Side
  10. I'm Gonna Hang One on Tonight
  11. As Long as I'll Forgive
  12. Memory, No. 1

Country Music Time (1965)

Webb Pierce - Country Music Time

Country Music Time

  1. Night Train To Memphis
  2. I Don't Love You Anymore
  3. Lonesome 7-7203
  4. I'm Gonna Change Everything
  5. I Still Miss Someone
  6. Try Me One More Time
  7. Loving You Then Losing You
  8. Rainbow At Midnight
  9. It Took The Heart Out Of Me
  10. Let Me Live A Little
  11. Too Long
  12. I Thank My Lucky Stars

Sweet Memories (1966)

Webb Pierce - Sweet Memories

Sweet Memories

  1. Wolverton Mountain
  2. Send Me the Pillow That You Dream on
  3. Who Do I Think I Am
  4. Life's Gone and Slipped Away
  5. Welcome to My World
  6. Ready
  7. Love's Gonna Live Here
  8. Here Comes My Baby Back Again
  9. Hobo and the Rose
  10. Champ
  11. Fool, Fool, Fool
  12. Sweet Memories

Where'd Ya Stay Last Night (1967)

Webb Pierce - Where'd Ya Stay Last Night

Where'd Ya Stay Last Night

  1. Where'd Ya Stay Last Night
  2. I Overlooked an Orchid
  3. Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way
  4. Make the World Go Away
  5. You Mean Ol' Moon
  6. That Same Old Street
  7. White Sport Coat (And a Pink Carnation)
  8. She's 21
  9. Singing the Blues
  10. I'm Living in Two Worlds
  11. Your Cheatin' Heart
  12. Wild Side Of Life

Fool, Fool, Fool (1968)

Webb Pierce - Fool, Fool, Fool

Fool, Fool, Fool

  1. Fool, Fool, Fool
  2. Gonna Find Me a Bluebird
  3. Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)
  4. I'm Gonna Change My Ways
  5. In Another World
  6. Bottles and Babies
  7. There Goes My Everything
  8. I Can't Help It
  9. Almost Persuaded
  10. Stranger in a Strange Strange City
  11. All the Time

Saturday Night (1968)

Webb Pierce - Saturday Night

Saturday Night

  1. Saturday Night
  2. Cold Cold Heart
  3. I Love You a Thousand Ways
  4. Candy Kisses
  5. Somebody Please Kiss My Sweet Thing
  6. My Bucket's Got a Hole in It
  7. Goodbye City Goodbye Girl
  8. I Love You Because
  9. Columbus Stockade Blues
  10. Great Speckled Bird
  11. Luzianna

Sings This Thing (1969)

Webb Pierce - Sings This Thing

Sings This Thing

  1. This Thing
  2. Does My Memory Ever Cross Your Mind
  3. No Tears Tonight
  4. If I Had Last Night to Live Over
  5. I Get So Mad at Me
  6. I Go on Loving You
  7. You're the Reason
  8. Scattered Roses
  9. Lo-Lenna
  10. I Caused You to Give Your Love Away
  11. There's No Need to Try

Love Ain't Never Gonna Be No Better (1970)

Webb Pierce - Love Ain't Never Gonna Be No Better

Love Ain't Never Gonna Be No Better

  1. Love Ain't Gonna Never Be No Better
  2. Other Side of You
  3. Faded Love
  4. Send My Love to Me
  5. You Were My Inspiration
  6. Remembering
  7. Everyday Will Be Sunday After While
  8. Maiden's Prayer
  9. Living in the Shadow of His Memory
  10. There'll Come a Time
  11. Earth Has No Sorrow (That Heaven Cannot Heal)

Merry-Go-Round World (1970)

Webb Pierce - Merry-Go-Round World

Merry-Go-Round World

  1. Merry-Go-Round World
  2. Dream Your Heartaches Away
  3. Drunk and Drunker Every Day
  4. Too Long
  5. Fool's Night Out
  6. Big, Big Love
  7. His Name Is Wonderful
  8. Another Month, Another Week, Another Day
  9. Miss You
  10. When the Grass Grows Over Me
  11. Come on Home and Sing the Blues to Daddy

Road Show (1971)

Webb Pierce - Road Show

Road Show

  1. Tell Him That You Love Him
  2. Heartaches for Lovers Not for Friends
  3. Little Rosa
  4. Man You Want Me to Be
  5. I Know Something Good About You
  6. Showing His Dollar
  7. Beyond the Sunset
  8. Way We Were Back Then
  9. Have I Waited Too Long
  10. I Tried Everything to Please

I'm Gonna Be a Swinger (1973)

Webb Pierce - I'm Gonna Be a Swinger

I'm Gonna Be a Swinger

  1. I'm Gonna Be a Swinger
  2. Someday
  3. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
  4. Take These Chains from My Heart
  5. Daddy's Not Dead
  6. Whiskey Is the Devil
  7. On the Banks of the Old Pontchartrain
  8. Am I Losing You
  9. You're Letting Me Go
  10. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful
  11. I Miss the Little Things

Faith, Hope and Love (1979)

Webb Pierce - Faith, Hope and Love

Faith, Hope and Love

  1. Faith, Hope and Love
  2. Old Country Church
  3. I Saw the Light
  4. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
  5. I Love Him Dearly
  6. What We Need Is a Brand New World
  7. If Jesus Came to Your House
  8. Does Jesus Live Here
  9. Wait a Little Longer, Please Jesus
  10. Please Jesus
  11. I'll Fly Away

The Wondering Boy: 1951-1958 (1990)

Webb Pierce - The Wondering Boy- 1951-1958

The Wondering Boy: 1951-1958

Disc 1
  1. Drifting Texas Sand
  2. If Crying Would Make You Care
  3. California Blues
  4. You Scared the Love Right Out of Me
  5. New Silver Bells
  6. Wondering
  7. You Know I'm Still in Love With You
  8. I'm Gonna See My Baby Tonight
  9. That Heart Belongs to Me
  10. I Just Can't Be True
  11. So Used to Loving You
  12. I Haven't Got the Heart
  13. Slowly
  14. The Last Waltz
  15. Bow Thy Head
  16. Old Country Church
  17. I Haven't Got the Heart
  18. I'll Always Take Care of You
  19. Back Street Affair
  20. I'm Only Wishin'
  21. I'll Go on Alone
  22. That's Me Without You
  23. Broken Engagement
  24. We'll Find a Way
  25. It's Been So Long
  26. Don't Throw Your Life Away
  27. Too Late to Worry Now
  28. There Stands the Glass
Disc 2
  1. There's a Better Home
  2. Mother Call My Name in Prayer
  3. I'm Walking the Dog
  4. You Just Can't Be True
  5. Slowly
  6. Broken Engagement
  7. Slowly
  8. Even Tho
  9. Sparkling Brown Eyes
  10. Bugle Call from Heaven
  11. Thank You, Dear Lord
  12. Kneel at the Cross
  13. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
  14. You're Not Mine Anymore
  15. I'm Gonna Fall Out of Love With You
  16. Your Good for Nothing Heart
  17. Just Imagination
  18. I Love You Dear
  19. More and More
  20. I Found Someone That's True (I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me)
  21. The Waltz You Saved for Me
  22. One Day Later
  23. In the Jailhouse Now
  24. Sneakin' All Around
  25. I Don't Care
  26. Just How Long
  27. Yes, I Know Why
  28. Little Rosa
Disc 3
  1. Call Me Your Sweetheart
  2. If You Were Me (And I Were You)
  3. Love, Love, Love
  4. Why Baby Why (cover of "Why Baby Why" by George Jones & Gene Pitney)
  5. Yes, I Know Why
  6. I Found a True Love
  7. 'Cause I Love You
  8. Little Rosa
  9. Let Forgiveness In
  10. Any Old Time
  11. You Make Love to Everyone
  12. We'll Find a Way
  13. Teenage Boogie
  14. I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me (I Found Someone That's True)
  15. Teenage Boogie
  16. Oh, So Many Years
  17. One Week Later
  18. When I'm With You
  19. Can You Find It in Your Heart
  20. Cryin' over You
  21. I'm Tired
  22. It's My Way
  23. Someday
  24. The Honky Tonk Song
  25. I Care No More
  26. Don't Be the One
  27. Bye Bye Love
  28. Missing You
  29. Let Forgiveness In
  30. Who Wouldn't Love You
Disc 4
  1. New Panhandle Rag
  2. I Know It Was You
  3. Don't Do It Darlin'
  4. Holiday for Love
  5. How Long
  6. The New Raunchy
  7. I'll Get by Somehow
  8. English Sweetheart
  9. Down Panama Way
  10. Foreign Love
  11. You'll Come Back
  12. A New Love Affair
  13. Falling Back to You
  14. Sittin' Alone
  15. I'm Letting You Go
  16. Tupelo County Jail
  17. Waiting a Lifetime
  18. True Love Never Dies
  19. I Think of You
  20. I Won't Be Crying Anymore
  21. I Owe It to My Heart
  22. Violet and the Rose
  23. After the Boy Gets the Girl
  24. You Make Me Live Again
  25. Crazy Arms
  26. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
  27. Life to Go
  28. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You

Unavailable Sides (1950-1951) (1994)

Webb Pierce - Unavailable Sides (1950-1951)

Unavailable Sides (1950-1951)

  1. California Blues
  2. Shuffle on Down
  3. I Need You Like a Hole in the Head
  4. I'm Watching the Stars
  5. Steeling the Mood
  6. I've Loved You Forever It Seems
  7. Hawaiian Echoes
  8. Have You Ever Had the Feeling
  9. Drifting Texas Sand
  10. Saturday Night
  11. The Last Waltz
  12. In the Jailhouse Now
  13. I Saw Your Face in the Moon
  14. I'm Sitting on Top of the World
  15. Freight Train Blues
  16. Poor Boy Rag
  17. I've Loved, I've Laughed, I've Cried
  18. Beautiful Hawaiian Shores
  19. I'll Forgive and Forget
  20. A Million Years From Now
  21. I Heard Her Call My Name in Prayer
  22. You Scared the Love Right out of Me
  23. Hayride Boogie

Other Songs

  1. Finally
  2. Oh So Many Years
  3. One Week Later

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1921 (as Michael Webb Pierce), d.1991
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar

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