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Be Kind To Animals

This song is by Watkin Tudor Jones and appears on the album Memoirs Of A Clone (2001).

"Each if you, must distinguish for himself between the scenes of; cold reality, and those of; pure illusion..."

They call me old McDonald
I live on a farm (yo)
I don't even have a burgler alarm
I got a big gun,
Sometimes I shoot little birds just for fun
So don't be steppin' on my property son
Got mah wife and three boys, and little girl
Up till last week I didn't have a care in the world
Till, little Johnny started acting crazy
Cause pappa shot Daisy
I was like; Hush little baby don't cry oh just chill
God made animals for us to kill
I said: stop crying damnit, just, stop acting dumb
Hey, where you think hamburgers come from?
But then Johnny ate something dead
So that night the boogieman came out from under his bed
And sat beside his head
His eyes began to glow red
And this is what he said:
Hey Johnny, how you doin' sonny?
What smells so yummy?
Gahhaaa something bloody in your tummy
Ghah you big fat dummy
You can't call your mommy 'cause you're sleepin' when we come creepin'
They gonna nibble your toes
While I stick my long tongue up your nose
And then all my sick little friends and I
Are gonna sing scary songs till you cry hahaaaah!

Be kind to animals...
They're our friends...

"All obsessed, with the taste of flesh"

Once upon a time there stood a magnificent house
Up on the hill
Overlookin' the sea
The garden was as pretty as can be
And no doubt G,
The lord of the house was very happy
However, one day he
Decided to embark on a long journey
For his dreams had revealed to him
Magic far away lands
So he began making plans
He knew the long road ahead would put him to the test
So he crossed his heart, and hoped for the best
Only upon his return would he rest
And so began, his adventurous quest
Not after long, word got around that the lord of the house on the hill was out of town
And so, three wicked men hell bound
Kicked down the door to see what they could score
Yo they chilled out, in the lords temple
For many moons (huh!)
Living like kings
Helping themselves to the finest of things
The hands of the bad guys wore fat diamond rings
Well unbeknown to the three wicked men
The lord of the house returned again
"What the hell is going on?" Yelled he.
"Best ye flee or ye shall feel the touch of my steeeel!"
Out the windows they fled
Struck by dread
Back to the land of the dead
The moral of the story: Your body is your temple
So yo! Act like you know!

Be kind to animals...
They're our friends...

"Man turns animal, for the erotic pleasures of women... And men"

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