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I Don't Love You Anymore

This song is by Wardance and appears on the album Heaven Is for Sale (1990).

Don't look at me with your bedroom eyes
That used to promis
E me so much
You won't change my mind - I'll leave
I was the jester of your court
You made a fool of me
And like a brand you burnt yourself
Into my memory
I hate you - I love you too
And now I wear you like a scar
You think you're irresistible
But now I can see
Through all the lies - the little lies
That you were telling me
Chorus (repeat)
My mind is going round in circles
Should I stay or should I leave?
My heart is in your hand
You stole it like a thief
I thought your
Love was true
I was too blind to see
That you're a teaser and your grief
Was pain and misery
Chorus (repeat)

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