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Heaven Is For Sale

This song is by Wardance and appears on the album Heaven Is for Sale (1990).

Going to church on Sunday
And you don't know why
Holy priests are praying
But they all feign and lie
Judas' wearing cassocks
Pious should one be
They are only hypocrites
Betraying you and me
God will help you - if you pay
Heaven is for sale
Jesus' hanging upside down
I think the lord has failed
Middle Ages - Inquisition
Slaughter in the name of God
Tortures, torments, burning witches
Confess or you'll d
Ie in rot
Pious farmers work and fast, that
Lazy priests can have their meal
Orgies behind cloister walls
Lust instead of piety
Chorus (repeat)
Chorus (repeat)

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