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We'll Sing In The Sunshine

This song is by Wanda Jackson and appears on the album The Happy Side Of Wanda Jackson (1969) and on the box set Tears Will Be The Chaser For The Wine (1997).

We'll sing in the sunshine we'll laugh every day
We'll sing in the sunshine then I'll be on my way

I will never love you the cost of love's too dear
But though I'll never love you I'll stay with you one year
And we can sing in the sunshine...

I'll sing to you each morning I'll kiss you every night
But darling don't cling to me I'll soon be out of sight
But we can sing in the sunshine...

My daddy he once told me hey don't you love you any man
Just take what they may give you and give but what you can
And you can sing in the sunshine you'll laugh every day
You'll sing in the sunshine then be on your way

Now when our year has ended and I have gone away
You'll often speak about me and this is what you'll say
Oh we sang in the sunshine you know we laughed every day
We sang in the sunshine then she went on her way

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