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Album by Wanda Jackson.
  1. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) (cover of "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)" by Hank Williams)
  2. Try Me One More Time (cover of "Try Me One More Time" by Ernest Tubb)
  3. There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder (cover of "There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder" by Tex Ritter)
  4. Midnight Turning Day Blues (Blue Yodel No.6) (cover of " Blue Yodel No. 6 (Midnight Turning Blues" by Jimmie Rodgers)
  5. Fireball Mail (cover of "Fireball Mail" by Roy Acuff)
  6. Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello (cover of "Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello" by Ernest Tubb)
  7. Jealous Heart (cover of "Jealous Heart" by Jenny Lou Carson)
  8. The Great Speckled Bird (cover of "The Great Speckled Bird" by Roy Acuff)
  9. Soldier's Last Letter (cover of "Soldier's Last Letter" by Ernest Tubb)
  10. You Win Again (cover of "You Win Again" by Hank Williams)
  11. Wabash Cannonball (cover of "Wabash Cannonball" by Traditional)
  12. Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues (cover of "Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues" by Jimmie Rodgers)

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