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Let George Do It

This song is by Walter Becker.

What's this fierce new change?
Has your juggernaut reached my door?
Am I out of range?
Think another thought before
Babies are ground up
In the last big round-up
Ease your head play it cool in a patio chair
Try to design a postcard from your mind
Piggy bank ooh-whee
If it's Heaven-sent then you'll go far
Listen well to me
Smoke that 7 cent cigar
Can that rumble
And Avogadro's Number
Polaroid galore
Snap my jelly roll
Count your change
For your midnight chore
Play that "sell-your-soul" exchange
Menthol filter tips
Danglin' from your nether lip
If John Doe writes another book
With words that just won't quit
Why must I forge through it?
Let George do it


Written by:

Walter Carl Becker; Donald Jay Fagen

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