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Balance of the Force (1998)

Waldeck - Balance of the Force

Balance of the Force

  1. Defenceless
  2. Spy Like an Angel
  3. Children of the Ghetto
  4. Slaapwagen
  5. Aquarius
  6. Northern Lights
  7. Wake Up
  8. Superpopstar
  9. Death of a Piano Salesman
  10. Moon

The Night Garden (2001)

Waldeck - The Night Garden

The Night Garden

  1. Slowly
  2. The Night Garden
  3. Tears Running Dry
  4. Waiting
  5. Fallen Angel
  6. Cat People Dub
  7. Floater
  8. I Talk To The Wind
  9. It Comes From You
  10. Morning Light
  11. This Isn't Maybe

The Night Garden Reflowered (2002)

Waldeck - The Night Garden Reflowered

The Night Garden Reflowered

  1. This Isn't Maybe (Mushroom Dive's Lo Fly Push Up 2002)
  2. Fallen Angel (Urbs Mix)
  3. Slowly (Mushroom Dive's Frantic Ballroom Blitz)
  4. I Talk to the Wind (Kid Loco Meets Orpheus Uptown Mix)
  5. Cut More Cheese (Supercheese)
  6. Floater (Dubblestandart Mix)
  7. Tears Running Dry, Part I (Mushroom Dive's Jazz Cut)
  8. Tears Running Dry, Part II (Herbert's Level Dub)
  9. This Isn't Maybe (Mark's Underlevel Dub)
  10. Cat People Dub (Jung Collective Rehash)
  11. Out of Trumpets (Supercheese)

Ballroom Stories (2007)

Waldeck - Ballroom Stories

Ballroom Stories

  1. Make My Day
  2. Jerry Weintraub
  3. Memories
  4. Addicted
  5. So Black & Blue
  6. Midsummer Night Blues
  7. Why Did We Fire the Gun
  8. Dope Noir
  9. Get Up Carmen
  10. Bei mir bist du schön (dub)
  11. Our Day Will Come

Atlantic Ballroom (2018)

Waldeck - Atlantic Ballroom

Atlantic Ballroom

  1. Rough Landing (featuring Patrizia Ferrara)
  2. Uno Dos...Heisenberg
  3. Keep My Fire Burning (featuring Joy Malcolm)
  4. Stay Put (featuring Patrizia Ferrara)
  5. Never Let You Go (featuring Patrizia Ferrara)
  6. Quicksand (featuring Patrizia Ferrara)
  7. Illusions (featuring Patrizia Ferrara)
  8. Puerto Rico
  9. Quando (featuring Patrizia Ferrara)
  10. Bring My Baby Back Home (featuring Big John)
  11. Waltz for Nathalie
  12. Freedom (featuring Joy Malcolm)

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