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Lost Hotel (2006)

Wade Bowen - Lost Hotel

Lost Hotel

  1. God Bless This Town
  2. One Step Closer
  3. Walkin' Along The Fenceline
  4. Resurrection
  5. Perfect Silence
  6. Lay It All On You
  7. Lost Hotel
  8. It's All Over Town
  9. Handle
  10. Broken Reflection
  11. Crazy Enough
  12. Lost Control Of My Heart
  13. Mood Ring

If We Ever Make It Home (2008)

Wade Bowen - If We Ever Make It Home

If We Ever Make It Home

  1. You Had Me At My Best
  2. If We Ever Make It Home
  3. Turn On The Lights
  4. Ghost In This Town
  5. Why Makes Perfect Sense
  6. Trouble
  7. Nobody's Fool
  8. Into The Arms Of You
  9. From Bad To Good
  10. Missing You
  11. Daddy And The Devil (featuring Chris Knight)
  12. Somewhere Beautiful

The Given (2012)

Wade Bowen - The Given

The Given

  1. Saturday Night
  2. All That's Left
  3. A Battle Won
  4. Patch Of Bad Weather
  5. On My Way To Wonderful
  6. Say Anything
  7. You Ain't Got Me
  8. Beat Me Down
  9. To Live Is To Fly (featuring Guy Clark) (cover of "To Live Is To Fly" by Townes Van Zandt)
  10. Before These Walls Were Blue

Songs About Trucks (2013)

Wade Bowen - Songs About Trucks

Songs About Trucks

  1. Songs About Trucks

Songs on Compilations

Other Songs

  1. Get Away
  2. Make The City Stand Still
  3. Mystery Of A Woman
  4. Windfall

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