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Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead (1974)

Vivian Stanshall - Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead

Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead

  1. Afoju Ti Ole Riran (Dead Eyes)
  2. Truck-Track
  3. Yelp, Bellow, Rasp Et Cetera
  4. Prong
  5. Redeye
  6. How the Zebra Got His Spots
  7. Dwarf Succulents
  8. Bout of Sobriety
  9. Prong & Toots Go Steady
  10. Strange Tongues
  11. Baba Tunde
  12. Lakonga

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Additional information

Artist information:

b.1943, d.1995

Real name:

Vivian Stanshall is a performance name for Victor Anthony Stanshall.

Years active:

1965 - 1995

Vivian Stanshall was a member of:

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