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This song is by Violins and appears on the album Pink Water (2006).

Can you feel the flame?
Can the body bear the thought for long?
Can you stand the weight?
And just stand around and right the wrong?
I went walking in the aimless night
A tune upon my tongue
I had nothing to protect me
The air in all directions
As the years just dropped away
Not a thing to recommend me
Can you fire the gun?
Can you just defend the right to fire?
Will you love again?
And extinguish every last desire?
We are agents and provocateurs
Our funding isn't clear
Such sharp and shameless dressers
And the walls around the empire
Still are plastered with the bodies
Of prominent transgressors
Confining by design
Our liberators lay the lines
While the tenure track confessors
Sing the songs
The world cannot keep up


Written by:

Michael Lyons

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