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The Two Simonas

This song is by Violins and appears on the album Pink Water (2006).

Princess suspended in a metal cage
While angry apes roll barrels
Down blue girders through the red states
Me, I'm a condescending caricature
Some might say "jump"
I might jump
But, hey, the kid's got characters
Simona swings
From silver strings
She turned our colors untrue
I knew both Simonas
I saw sides that you could never
I still have dreams to savor
But Simona found the lever
And she won release
Despite our pleas
They cried
They caved
They paid the fees
They sent her home
So we could see
The two faces speak
The calm and the complexion
Wasn't only misdirection
If she floats without assistance
Smell a witch and test her resistance
The souls to save
Were blond and brave
Until they opened their mouths
I surprised as you to find
Our sympathies were not theirs
Canceling the flowers to their families
And changing prayers to curses
When we found veils in their purses
If we can't have their heads
Then you can take their bodies back
I knew both Simonas
And I loved them both as equals
Both distressing damsels
Both disarming and depressing me
She did a great impression of me
Twin princesses sing incessantly
Simona sings of self-defense for monsters
While my neighbors lie there
Dying in their deserts
To defend rights won by slavers


Written by:

Michael Lyons

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