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The Line

This song is by Violins and appears on the album Pink Water (2006).

Poor old Paul
Never gave the O'Connors grandchildren
An only child with his eye on the end of the line
The hell he raised was family
And a happy little family at that
At the bottom of an old six-flat
In the garden apartment with the calico cat
Share his bed
You could want no more deeply to know him
The love he gives will seek no redress or return
Claim no rights to satellites
The earth is not revolving around anyone anyway
You can hide, but you can't run
I know your kind, I know it's fun
You only come out of your cave
To chase the dreams you type
On your tentative gravestone
Save the homepage of the brave
For the screen or the stage and ask your age
Out of the airlock and onto the sidewalk
Fuss with the padlock and into the hemlock
And out of the headlock
In love with the long walk


Written by:

Michael Lyons

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