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Sophie and Pierre

This song is by Violins and appears on the album Pink Water (2006).

I'm a pleasure studies major
Concentrating in abuse of power
But outside the academy
My subjects get so mad at me
They rarely seem to grasp
The heady concepts I'm exploring
They sense that I'm exploiting them
Or else they think I'm boring
I took photographs in secret
And Pierre walked on, oblivious
When finally he noticed
He was livid and lascivious
He doesn't understand a word
His head's all in a whirl
It's like he's never even wondered
What it's like to be a girl
Don't stare
Sophie and Pierre are not doing this for your arousal
She should not have been surprised
When he recognized her eyes
And he made her put the camera away
She should not have been surprised
When Pierre turned out to be
Just enough unlike her to be fascinating
He says, "Look, don't take
I'm a director by trade
When you photograph me, dear, you cheapen every film
I've made
It's unfair
Take off that dress
You don't know what I'd give
To have the borders you transgress"
On finding his whole life exposed
The names of all the girls he knows
Now hanging in her gallery
His diary, his salary
His thoughts now turn to vengeance
And the perfect possibility
The papers might unearth
One single compromising photograph of Sophie
In the flesh
Was the whole thing prearranged?
Was the controversy staged?
Will these sweaty, heady games
Reveal the secrets of our age?
Or maybe just our age
I can't say
But in my dream, I am your installation
In my dream, we form a constellation
Viewed nightly from great distances
Connected by the minds of audiences
In my dream, you are writing this song as we speak
When they lay me in my coffin
I'll be King, and you'll be Goffin
My Sophie


Written by:

Michael Lyons

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