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Should You Find Yourself

This song is by Violins and appears on the album Pink Water (2006).

They think ownership is work
They think poverty is sloth
They negotiate with knives
And we're cut from the same cloth
So we greet it with a smirk
And the smirk is soon returned
And the cloth that we reclaimed
Now must once again be burned
After twenty years of serving
True and noble men deserving
I espied this girl
I asked her what was in it for her, really
She said nothing
Still, you're honoring the contract
They required you to sign
Like it's a moral obligation
When it's crooked by design
When you use the word "agreement"
Do you know what this implies?
That the terms were once negotiable
Agreed on by all sides
Should you find yourself inside a rich man's house
Be attentive
Be as quiet as a mouse
Do your best not to imagine exponentially accumulating
Zeroes, ones, and dollar signs in rows aglow and levitating
There above his head as he inquires to your interests
No, just let him pour the drinks again
Just let him pour the drinks
And he will listen, he will listen
He will keep the coffee warm
Leave a message in the forum
And fill out the feedback form
If you submit a strong suggestion
They can use it in their ads
For all the candidates you didn't want
And lifestyles you can't have
Just remember that their relatives
Are worth much more than yours
Should they find themselves thrown in the path
Of terrorism's wars
Be sure the government will cut the checks
According to their wealth
And you'll support their wives for all their lives
So drink now to their health
Should you find yourself inside this house


Written by:

Michael Lyons

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