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Album by Violent Femmes.
  1. Country Death Song
  2. I Hear the Rain
  3. Never Tell
  4. Jesus Walking on the Water
  5. I Know It's True but I'm Sorry to Say
  6. Hallowed Ground
  7. Sweet Misery Blues
  8. Black Girls
  9. It's Gonna Rain



  • Gordon Gano - vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, fiddle
  • Brian Ritchie - mariachi bass, electric bass, slide bass, celeste, marimba, jews harp, vocals
  • Victor DeLorenzo - tranceaphone, trap and electric drum sets, stompatron, percussion, vocals

Additional Musicians

  • Mark Van Hecke - piano, organ
  • Tony Trischka - banjo
  • Christina Houghton - autoharp
  • Peter Balestrieri - vocals on "Jesus Walking On The Water"
  • Cynthia Gano Lewis - vocals on "Jesus Walking On The Water"

The Horns of Dilemma Wikipedia16:

  • Peter Balestrieri - tenor sax, harmonica
  • Drake Scott - cornetto, sackbut
  • John Zorn - alto sax, game calls
  • John Tanner - clarinet

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