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Toy Balloon

This song is by Vince Martin and Fred Neil and appears on the album Tear Down The Walls (1965).

This is a song about a kid

The sun's a ten cent toy balloon
Hanginig in the sky
Watchin' all the people down below
Goin' by

The moon's a ten cent lollipop
Hey, make a stop
I'm gettin' dizzy
I'm gettin' dizzy

His mother and father answered

We're too busy
We're too busy

Well, now the kids goes up to his room
Sits by his window
And he starts to think

Someday I'll be a man
Maybe fifty three
Then everybody will listen to me

Even my mommy and my daddy will listen
To me when I'm fifty three

But I wonder
Will the sun watch
AlI the people goin' by
Will the moon still hang in the sky
When I die
When I die

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