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The Reason Why

This song is by Vince Gill and appears on the box set These Days (2006).

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Why do I choose the things I choose?
Why do I always find some lame excuse?
Why do I not realize what I could do?
Oh, I wish I knew the reason why,

Why do you get that sad look on your face?
Why do you pull away from my embrace?
Why do you see all my faults and my mistakes?
Oh, I wish you knew the reason why

Why do we treat each other like we do?
It's like we never even try
Why can't we get back to the love we knew?
Oh why, oh baby why?

Why do we have to play those same old games?
Why do we run away from who's to blame?
Can't they see to lose this love would be a shame,=?
Oh, I wish we knew the reason why
Oh, I wish we knew the reason why


Written by:

Produced by:

Vince Gill Wikipedia16; John Hobbs; Justin Niebank


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