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Tell Me Lover

This song is by Vince Gill and appears on the album High Lonesome Sound (1996).

Tell me lover, tell me what you're gonna do
You gonna walk the walk
Ur just talk the talk
Honey, what's up with you?

Tell me lover, tell me how it's gonna be
You gonna mess around
Or just turn me down
Honey, won't you please tell me.

Your good intentions ain't too good no more
You answer questions by slammin' that bedroom door
Come on baby let's turn the lamp down low
I'll solve your problems so honey please don't go.

If the silence could kiill, honey we'd both be dead
It ain't hard to tell we're hangin' on by a thread
Say somethin' darlin' say what's on your mind
We'll, find the answer, I got nothin' but time...

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