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Who's Been Painting My Roses Red?

This song is by Verna Felton and appears on the movie soundtrack Alice in Wonderland (1951).

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Queen of Hearts
Who's been painting my roses red
Who's been painting my roses red
Who dares to paint with vulgar paint
The royal flower bed
For painting my roses red
Someone will lose their head

Oh, no, your Majesty, please, it's all his fault
Not me, Your Grace, the ace! The ace
Queen of Hearts: You?
Ace: No! Two
Queen of Hearts: The deuce, you say?
Two: Not me, the trey
Queen of Hearts: That's enough! Off with their heads

They're going to lose their heads
For painting the roses red
It serves them right, they planned it right
The roses should be red
Oh, they're going to lose their heads


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