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We Can't Turn Back

This song is by Veljanov and appears on the album Porta Macedonia (2008).

Well, show me the way
Release me from trembling
The silence we had
Don't make me feel guilty
The distance is clear
Since we walked through deserts
And if we can fly
Let's touch once more and try

If somebody lived
He must have felt sunshine in his land
If somebody loved
He must have met an angel like you
What I'd love to see
The fury of werewolves in your eyes
That's what I would die for
Come, bite me tonight, let's run away

Let's show there is no difference
Between you and me
We both love these disasters
Yes, you do agree
Let's call at the White House
Playing games like children do
Let's yell like the werewolves do
No, we can't turn back

No, we can't turn back
We can't turn back

Let's show there is no difference
Between you and me
Let's run to the railway
Jump on a silver train
Meet unknowing heroes
Share their dreams, their visions too
Let's crawl on the asphalts
Now we can't turn back

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