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Sweet And Sour

This song is by Veljanov and appears on the album Porta Macedonia (2008).

I captured the moment when it disappeared
It wasn't a mystery or even self-deceit
I needed a miracle to start to believe
That it was not your misfortune to throw a spear on me

A life built on highlights, a castle of bones
Be fed on the poor's blood, is it all that we know
It's not that we don't laugh but we cry even more
The things that enslave us that's all that we got now

Put away dreams from your sleepy eyes
And find out where from comes the taste
Of the sweet and sour

Your autumn days will soon be past
And even more until the pain
Will grow with strength of April grass
But if you dare to drown in the lake of my confused eyes
And find me at the bottom of the deepest river
Lay down with me

Overgrowing your pride
On the wings of the cross
And taste the blend
Of the sweet and sour

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