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In Retrospect

This song is by Vanity Theft and appears on the album Postscript: Pace Yourself (2008).

Magnificent starts can lead to disappointinf fates, All the bridges that we built just from a spark can be engulfed in flames, Well get a grip they are decisions that we made, Get a grip it's a decision that you made.

You came from a different place, To discover different faces, Well they don't read just like your favorite books, They're way too hard to place, The night has come, You're not quite sure where you will stay, Get a grip it's a decision that you made.

Chorus: Be careful, You might just get what you want, But what you want isn't what you need, Such poor predictions, You can practice indecision while you get back on your feet.

You held her heart, It was more than just a magnificent start, You are the very dime of purity that transcends in teenage love, Oh just wait, Complexities of fickle minds, They will do more than tear the rest apart.

Can't take it back, This time the consequence is permanent, Help drink himself to sleep, With the carelessness and the secrets he couldn't keep, Finally a returned phone calling him to say "Get a grip a boy, it's a decision that you made"

Get a grip, And get back on your feet, Get a grip, And get back On your feet!

We made a pact, And we're about to react, But I swore on my name that we all would cry if you told, We made a pact, We're about to react, But I swore on my name that I would cry if you told.

And in the back, They say it don't matter, But as a matter of fact I do...

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